What We’re About

In the summer of 2013, we started as a handful of women who enjoyed riding together.  Within two years, we have grown to encompass a rider base of dozens of women throughout San Diego Country.  Our goal as a group is to grow the positive vibe in the cycling community, with a specific focus on building support for the women’s cycling community.  We ride “for the love of the ride”, and whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, we have the riding group for you. We love variety, adventure, and challenging each other to new accomplishments through support in a non-competitive environment.

Join us for our Saturday rides.  We offer three guided group ride levels:

  • Advanced:  Fast-paced, longer rides generally >40 miles with average speeds on flats >20 mph and average pace times over hilly routes >15 mph.  Minimal stoppage times.  Many of the women who ride in this group regularly participate in centuries.
  • Intermediate:  Moderately-paced, mixed length rides (30-50 miles) with average speeds on the flats in the 16-18 mph range with emphasis on building climbing skills, not necessarily hammering those hills.  Set stoppage points and time-lengths to allow for differing speeds, but will be limited to keep the pace.
  • Beginner:  Slower-paced, shorter rides (30-35 miles) with average speeds in the 12-15 mph range with an overall emphasis on building riding skills:  using your gears, pacing, riding safely in traffic.  The Beginner rides are always “no drop” meaning the group will wait for those who are falling behind.


8 responses to “What We’re About

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  2. Hi there! I am new to the area and love cycling. I’m hoping to get in with the wonderful, motivating, energetic group. Do you all ride on days other than Saturday?

    • I am not sure if anyone has replied to you or not, but I will go ahead and reply. Our organized group rides are only on Saturdays at this point. Are you not able to make Saturdays? Many of us ride other days of the week, but it’s not in an organized fashion.

      If you are able to come on a Saturday, you can possibly meet some people to arrange during the week rides close to where you live.

      Thanks for your interest.


      • Thank you for responding Heather! You’re the first one to respond. Saturdays are difficult for me, I guess I’ll keep looking to find someone on a Sunday. I thank you greatly for all your help! Have a beautiful blessed day! Teresa

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  3. Hi Ladies,
    I just moved to the area and I LOVE cycling. I’d love to start in the intermediate group as I took this past summer off. I’ve done centuries and triathlons but I’m a bit out of cycling shape after the long Boston winter and a relocation. I’d also like to do the 50m Parkinson’s ride with you if any of you are doing it. Can we pay the fee and ride or do we need to raise a certain amount to ride as a group? Thanks.

    • Hi Toni,

      Please join us whenever you feel comfortable. We ride each Saturday at 8am. The best place to see our rides is on the Meetup site. We usually post early-to-mid week what the Saturday ride will be. http://www.meetup.com/Swamis-Team-Fun/

      There are four of us signed up to do the Pedal for Parkinson’s ride. I believe it is $45. I still have to register myself. I think more people will sign up as the event gets closer.

      Look forward to you joining us.


  4. Hi Ladies,

    This week I signed up for the JDRF Ride for the Cure in Death Valley (October ’16) and yesterday I bought a bike! I have no experience, but, hey gotta start somewhere! I’m wondering when the beginner’s group would be appropriate for me….I plan to ride around my neighborhood over the next few weeks and get comfortable with the bike and do some stationary at the Y to get a comfort level.

    I would love to join you on the Saturday rides but need to make sure I can handle the ride length. The first Saturday I would be available is 2/13.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Joanne,

      Congratulations on making the decision to start biking. Our Saturday beginner rides are usually around 30 miles in length. The speeds on flat ground are generally in the 14-16 mph range, and on hillier rides, the average speed drops closer to 10 mph. Some rides are hillier than others – I’d look out for the flatter rides to start with, but eventually hillier rides will help you build fitness fast so don’t be afraid of them.

      We also offer a coffee ride on Friday that is of shorter length – 20-25 miles, and the ride sticks to the coast. We have coffee somewhere in the latter half of the ride. Speeds are similar to the beginner ride pace – 16 mph or under on flat ground.

      Hope to see you soon,

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