Welcome to Team Fun – a Women’s Cycling Club sponsored by Carbon Connection

group shotIn the summer of 2013, Carbon Connection Cyclery on the Coast Highway in Carlsbad, CA, decided it was high time there was a women’s road cycling club out on the road.  The owners of the shop brought together several of the female cycling nuts who frequent the shop to start a Saturday Group Ride, and a club was born.  Our club membership is open to any women who have an interest in cycling with other women:  making new friends, learning cycling technique and safety, exploring adventurous routes, and getting faster together! We are new and growing fast – it is an exciting time to get in on the fun!

Join us for our Saturday rides.  We offer three guided group ride levels:

  • Advanced:  Fast-paced, longer rides generally >40 miles with average speeds on flats >20 mph and average pace times over hilly routes >15 mph.  Minimal stoppage times.  Many of the women who ride in this group regularly participate in centuries.
  • Intermediate:  Moderately-paced, mixed length rides (30-50 miles) with average speeds on the flats in the 16-18 mph range with emphasis on building climbing skills, not necessarily hammering those hills.  Set stoppage points and time-lengths to allow for differing speeds, but will be limited to keep the pace.
  • Beginner:  Slower-paced, shorter rides (30-35 miles) with average speeds in the 12-15 mph range with an overall emphasis on building riding skills:  using your gears, pacing, riding safely in traffic.  The Beginner rides are always “no drop” meaning the group will wait for those who are falling behind.

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