Team Bio: Laurie Horton

Never rode a bike as a kid. Got my first mountain bike when I  was in my 40’s because my Husband was big into Mountain Biking. Went to the hospital after my second ride for a concussion for doing an OTB (Over the Bars) because I didn’t know better than to grab a handful of front brake. Shortly after that I was back at the hospital with a broken collar bone after losing control on a downhill. Thought to my self one more trip to the Hospital and its the old three strikes and your out. Had a girlfriend who was a road rider that suggested I try it. I did and focused on road riding for almost a year building my strength and skills before I got back on the mountain bike. With my increased fitness and skills mountain biking was much more fun. Then in 2005 my Husband announced he wanted us to try a race. I agreed with the strict condition that he stay with me the entire time. Which he begrudgingly did. I was second to last to finish the 25 mile Whiskey Off Road in Prescott AZ, my husband was the last because he was a gentleman and let me cross the finish line first. I knew after that I owed him another race. Since then endurance mountain bike racing is something we have enjoyed doing together for the past 8 years. And might I add instead of last place there have been some first places:) We have raced the 24 hours of  Adrenaline, Counting Coup, So Cal Endurance 12 hours, 6 hour and Fat Tire 50, Racers and Chasers 50, Whiskey Off Road 25 and 50 and Julian Death March. Averaging 4 or 5 races a year. We progressed in the last few years to multi day fully self supported bike pack racing having competed in the Stage Coach 400 and AZT 300. Most GREULING thing I have ever done. I still crash and break bones. Added a couple broken ribs, separated shoulder and few more concussions to my résumé. Though mountain biking is my passion, I still love road riding and feel it is an important part of my training. When the opportunity came up to be a part of Team Fun I couldn’t think of a better way to give back to the cycling community.


Laurie is at the far left.

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