Team Fun at the Fiesta Metric Century – June 7

Several weeks ago, I was asked by one of the organizers of the Fiesta Metric Century if Team Fun would be able to work two of the rest stops.  At first I thought it seemed unlikely – we hadn’t done anything like that before, and many of us are protective of our weekend ride time (I am probably the most guilty of that!).  I was overwhelmed with the response from the group, and we more than met the minimum number of volunteers he had asked for.  In total, Team Fun offered nine volunteers (8 at rest stops, one at check-in) and had two participants in the ride.


Julie, Laurie, Sian, Kim Z., Jill, Heather and Kim N. near the end of the day at rest stop 1.

We even were able to make some quickie team t-shirts for the day, although much of the morning was cool enough that we needed a little jacket. It was definitely interesting to watch the riders go by, and there were more than a few characters!  Definitely a memorable day for Team Fun, and I hope we have more opportunities to volunteer in the future.

rest_stop2 rest_stop3 rest_stop4

Shannon at rest stop 5.

Shannon at rest stop 5.


Lauren at rest stop 5.

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