Sunday Margarita Ride, a new tradition?

This past weekend, a Swami’s member proposed a ride south to San Diego that would be concluded with food and margaritas.  Natalie was the first to bite, and not long after my husband and I decided to join in. Since it was pretty late on Saturday, we weren’t able to round up too many others (although Jill was able to join us for the first part of the ride, but sadly, did not enjoy the pitcher of margaritas).

For those of you not familiar with the Swami’s google group, it can be accessed at!forum/swamis-cycling

It is open to the public, and you can read about special events (such as the margarita ride), alternative rides, items for sale, etc.  It’s one way to learn more about the Swami’s Club and get to know the members.

The Margarita Ride organizer (Steve Ummel) provided a ride report to the google group this week, which I’m reproducing here.  Pictures and video provided by Natalie.  If a monthly Sunday Margarita ride is something you’d love, shoot me an email through Meetup or reply on Facebook.

Ride Recap (by Steve Ummel)

I was unable to make the 2nd PBR ride two weekends ago as I had the pleasure of watching the California Golden Bears push around the SDSU Aztecs for 3 quarters from within the friendly confines of California Memorial Stadium.
The PBR ride definitely sounds fun so I decided to  steal the idea and added a twist (well, a lime wedge really).  The twist being go south vs. north and have margaritas post-ride vs. a can of good-times mid ride.  I provided scant notice, but fortunately 3 new members took me up on my idea.  Natalie Walker and David and Heather Bruemmer joined in.  (We were also joined in by Jill Theodossi until Torrey hill [Natalie or Heather help me out here].
Having these 3 along was actually a blessing – 3 days prior I was in the ER at Palomar Hospital getting multiple rounds of IV’s of increasingly stronger drugs to relieve the worst case of back spasms I’d ever experienced.  Many of  you already know how strong David, Heather and Natalie are.   Not only was I was glad to have the company but the draft was pretty great too.  Plus, David and Heather knew the route so my navigations (or lack thereof) were not needed.
The general plan was to take the 101 to Gilman to Rose Canyon.  Then to Mission Bay to Pacific Hwy to downtown.  Then generally south on Broadway to the bottom of San Diego Bay.  From there loop west and then north toward Coronado where we would catch the ferry back across the harbor for a quick ride to Old Town.  In Old Town we’d get some drinks and then decide to jump on the train or ride north.
For those of you that have not ridden into downtown or south there are several sections of bike only paths that begin in the vicinity of the shipyards.  To me, the most notable path is along the east side of the Silver Strand.  The view across the bay toward downtown is spectacular and yesterday did not disappoint.
We just made the ferry across and due to the Sunday coaster schedule we decided to get on the train first and make meal plans later.  Upon exiting at Solana Beach, we rode swiftly to Tower 13, where we mowed through a pitcher of Margies as well as a couple brews and several plates of food.  Upon entering, the football crowd parted for the lycra (or the ladies).
So why mention a great day in the saddle for 4 people?  Well, I’ve received what can only be described as multiple (and yet virtual) “dope slaps” from some notable and influential Swami’s.  One was “eff’d off” because I gave no notice (that is true BTW), one of whom says that this event must be repeated “or else”, and another who says it must be TROY APPROVED.
So in summary, many thanks to my new friends and look for a Margarita Ride notification in the not too distant future.
Heather, Natalie, Steve and David at Tower 13.

Heather, Natalie, Steve and David at Tower 13.

Cruising in Chula Vista

Cruising in Chula Vista

Open roads of the south bay

Open roads of the south bay

Getting onto the Coronado Ferry

Getting onto the Coronado Ferry

Bikes on the Coronado Ferry.

Bikes on the Coronado Ferry.


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