Wednesday Midweek Madness and Exploratory Ride

Molto bene was our Team Fun midweek exploration ride. Linda Smith promised to show us some new and exciting neighborhood roads in luxurious Santaluz. I’ve always wanted to see this gated community from the inside. We ride by this area on a regular basis and I’ve seen Linda’s rides through Santaluz on Strava. So five of us met in Rancho Santa Fe and I hoped it was going to be an easy day because I was beat and I knew Jill who has been working out even more than normal besides her beaucoup miles of riding, was also tired. I thought that Heather may have said she was tired and wanted an easy ride, but then I realized I must have dreamt that, or hallucinated while oxygen deprived riding my bike trying to keep up with Heather. Doris and Linda seemed to be full of energy. As you all know the terrain through RSF is rather hilly and on top of that our route into Santaluz was accessed by first riding up the ‘3 witches’ in Fairbanks Ranch. It was a slower pace, but by no means a slow pace for tired legs. Santaluz paid out with great views, empty roads, beautiful homes, and a Tuscany feel to the whole thing. Yes there are some steep climbs through the neighborhood, but as you suffer along, just imagine that you are riding in the Italian country side and you will experience la dolce vita. We finished off by riding west on the 56 bike path out to the Mediterranean….I mean Pacific, Santaluz really got me in the mood, then on up the coast to finish off.

This excellent and hilly (nearly 3000 ft of climbing in 44 miles) route shall be coming to a Swami’s Team Fun Saturday ride in the near future. And when it does, I think we should stick with the Tuscany feel to this ride and finish with lunch at Quei Bravi Ragazzi, Italian sports bar in Encinitas. Heather B says this Italian restaurant has very authentic food and is owned by an Italian former pro cyclist. Word has it there are even some racing bikes as decor.

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3 responses to “Wednesday Midweek Madness and Exploratory Ride

  1. Excellent route scouting, Heather, Heather & Jill! 😀 I was tempted to sneak into Santa Luz on the way home, but I had goofed and didn’t have a lot of water left (and was whining a lot in general), so I passed. Hopefully will make it to the ride when this route is planned!

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