Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride #2 – Leap Coffee in Carlsbad, CA

Friday Coffee Ride is easily the most well loved ride in the Swami’s repertoire, at least, from my perspective it is.  Many of us need an obvious reminder to slow down, in life, in athletics, in everything… and this is the absolute perfect way in my mind to do it.  Riding nice and smooth has a healing aspect to it similar to meditation.  For those of us who can’t totally stay still for any significant length of time, an easy ride with beautiful scenery is just the ticket to rejuvenation at week’s end we need.

Philosophizing aside, let’s get down to the coffee business.  To warm up for our coffee experience, last Friday we rode to Oceanside Harbor where it is highly likely you will spot some sea lions relaxing on the docks.  We also pass Oceanside Pier, which is a tourist hotspot for trying your hand at fishing, watching surfers, or enjoying the wildlife.


Manya and Fred riding around the harbor.  Fred and others often use this ride to get out one of their favorite vintage bikes.


View of Oceanside Pier on a cloudy day


Those blobs to the right of center on the dock are in fact sea lions.

We decided at the beginning of our ride to head up a rather long climb at the end of our ride to enjoy coffee at Leap Coffee, which is located in kind of the business park area of Carlsbad.  The location isn’t idyllic, but the coffee is amazing, so it’s always worth the climb.



Our group heads through Carlsbad along the “boardwalk”

Week #2 – Leap Coffee, Friday 10/14/2015

5611 Palmer Way, Suite D

Carlsbad, CA 92010

It is definitely a little hard to find, but essentially once you turn off the main road just keep going until you see some store fronts.  They are perhaps the most bike-friendly place I have ever been to.  The first time we went there, the owners invited us to bring our bikes into the back of the cafe near the coffee roasting area.  The seating is plentiful and comfortable for large or small groups.  There food and snacks are top notch, and the coffee is always on point.

What I ate on this trip:  short Americano and pumpkin bread

I have never eaten anything here that wasn’t delicious, and my coffee always exceeds my expectations. I forgot to take a picture of my coffee last Friday, but I was also there on Wednesday and tried a mocha – I chose unsweetened almond milk, and this is probably the best looking mocha with non-dairy milk I have seen.


Mocha with unsweetened almond milk

The chocolate was very subtle, and it had the perfect level of sweetness.

We had about nine people or so on the ride, and seven made it up to the coffee shop.

This coming Friday we head south again, in search of a delicious spot in Solana Beach, Encinitas or Leucadia.

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