Upcoming Weekend Ride Schedule: November 3 – November 23

We were feeling organized today and got our schedule straight for the next four weekends.  We are proud to present the following ride schedule for the month of November.  For each Item below, please RSVP on our meetup site (link provided) at your earliest convenience if you are able to join us.  Remember that we accommodate three riding levels at all of our group rides:  Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner.  Our Beginner rides are “no drop”, meaning you will not be left behind.  The Advanced and Intermediate rides always contain regrouping spots, so even if you have some fluctuations in energy, you’ll be able to get back with the group throughout the ride.  Route links are provided.

All ride starts are at Carbon Connection Cyclery/It’s a Grind in Carlsbad Village on the Pacific Coast Highway at 8:00 am.

Sunday, November 3 – Endurance Ride

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The routes this week are slightly longer and focus on good form, pacing, and working as a team.

Advanced Group:  52.7 miles, 2225 ft 

Map:  http://www.strava.com/routes/26435

The Advanced group will be working their way down the coast to the 56 bike path, and then down the 56 bike path to the Camino Del Sur Exit.  We will be stopping at the gas station at the far end of CDS for drinks/fuel as needed, and then continuing on toward Fairbanks Ranch and through Rancho Santa Fe, and eventually ending back on the coast.  Heather has a little surprise planned if the group is up to it!

Intermediate and Beginner Groups:  39.5 miles, 1281 ft

Map:  http://www.strava.com/routes/60801

This route takes you to where you can get on the 56 Bike Path, but swings past the bike path and returns via the coast for a good solid 40 mile ride.  Rest assured, Heather does not have a surprise planned for this group!

Saturday, November 9 – San Onofre Ride

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Enjoy the gorgeous coastal views and relaxed feel while riding through Camp Pendleton and San Onofre State Beach.

Map:  http://www.strava.com/routes/29270

The three groups will determine the desired total distance on the day of the ride.  The map shows the maximum distance, which is about 54 miles round trip (and could include a stop at the Bagel Shack in San Clemente).  Last time, the Beginner group turned around at the beginning of San Onofre park (35 miles), the Intermediate group turned around at the end of San Onofre (46 miles), and the Advanced did a similar distance (46 miles).

Sunday, November 17 – Progressive Pedal

This is going to be a very fun, social event for all riding levels. It will involve pedaling to a number of different restaurants for various courses of the meal.
More information to come!!!

Saturday, November 23 – Rancho Santa Fe – The Most Fun I can have on two wheels

As the folks who ride with me regularly know, I love me a Rancho Santa Fe ride.  While there are fewer bike lanes out there, there are also fewer cars, more interesting terrain, more shade, and lots of challenges.  The Advanced group will take on the full challenge (and I promise not to lose any of you, although you will feel completely lost!), and the Intermediate and Beginner Groups will get a taste of the riding in Rancho Santa Fe without getting too complicated on the route.

Advanced Map:  http://www.strava.com/activities/77196580 (46 miles, 2253 ft)

Intermediate/Beginner Map:  http://www.strava.com/routes/61700 (35.7 miles, 1493 ft)

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