Saturday Advanced Ride Route for January 25: 56 Bike Path with an Inland Return

We have had the 56 Bike Path route planned for this Saturday, and still plan on heading down the coast to the 56 Bike Trail, then out to the gas station at Camino Del Sur for our rest stop.  However, I have re-routed the posted map due to construction on Camino Del Sur (the last time I rode through there I was afraid for my life).  In re-routing it, I have added a couple of fun hills, but don’t despair, they are not long!

I really enjoy the first half of this ride for maintaining a steady, strong pace, as it is mainly flat and slightly rolling.  I love the second part for the scenery and the challenges.  We are taking a very direct route through Rancho Santa Fe this week, so it should be easy to follow.

Hope to see many of you there this Saturday morning at 8am!

Strava route:

Meetup RSVP:  RSVP

Turn by Turn Route Instructions:  56 Bike Path – Re-routed

We request that you RSVP on our meetup site – thanks!


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