Another Well Heated Coastal Ride: RSF & Del Mar Heights

Guess how many fun gals went riding with Team Fun again on Oct 4th? Thirteen!!! That’s the fourth time we’ve had lucky 13 riders in a couple of months. Have we been hit with a quota jinx???

Three may be company, but thirteen is the charm for Team Fun lately!

Three may be company, but thirteen is the charm for Team Fun lately!

Anyhow, the late season heatwave quite effectively kept us close to the coast. Eight strong B Group, headed by Julie, went down the coast to South Carlsbad and turned inland on La Costa Blvd for a smooth exploration of beautiful Rancho Santa Fe.

C group on the sharrow lane through Leucadia.

C group on the sharrow lane through Leucadia.

The C group quintet led by heat-phobic Michell (AKA me) stayed on the mellow coast all the way to Del Mar, where a jolty crossing of the railroad track caused me to forget that C ride was supposed to be hill-less…


9th St climb in Del Mar.


Sian, making her new bike work on Hoska Dr in Del Mar Hgts.


The last bit of climbing up La Amatista.

But a little hill never spoils any fun on a Team Fun ride! (No, really, I swear!). Shannon fairly humiliated 9th St and La Amatista ramps up to the crest of Del Mar Heights while Laura and Sian proved themselves baby hilly goats in the making. Shelley was hampered by a bummed knee and a heavy steel mountain bike, but soldiered on to the top despite of all my nagging.


Shannon, Shelley, Laura & Sian at Del Mar Castle.


A very Californian view on the return trip.

In short, our C groupers totally earned the spectacular views from the top of Del Mar Heights, got to wow over Del Mar’s secret castle, and descend the splendidly twisty Serpentine Dr before heading back up the coast and getting back to the shop before the day really heated up. All in a day’s ride!

Elfin Forest, here we come!

Elfin Forest, here we come!

I’m afraid we didn’t have a ride last Saturday as most of our numbers were otherwise engaged at various awesome organized rides around (and out of) town. Jill has a marvelous plan for next Saturday October 18th ride, however! A and B groups are in for the always fun and popular Elfin Forest – Del Dios loop while Kim Z is taking C group on a fabulous tour of Encinitas & Carlsbad. We are meeting at Carbon Connection Cyclery at 8 am as usual. Come out and join in the fun!

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