Friday Coffee Ride 11/6 – Nautical Bean in Oceanside

I was asked this past Friday if my intent is to try out different coffee shops each Friday.  That is in fact the goal, although we generally skip the chains and will avoid those we are know aren’t up to our standards.  I have been called a coffee snob, but I’m sure the person meant it only in the nicest possible way.


The crew at Nautical Bean.

Jill manages to make the rides look simply awful, I have to say.  So much coastline, so much sun and sea, so many palm trees!  Wretched visage, I know.

coast with palm trees on coast

This was our first coffee ride where I almost considered arm warmers, but decided against it.  Our temperatures were in the 60s for a high for the first time in what seems like months, and our delicate southern Californian natures are not accustomed to such things. Somehow we survived.

As an interesting side note, this coffee ride seemed impossibly hard to me.  While sure, it was a little faster than we usually go on a coffee ride, we aren’t talking speeds that would make you breathe hard.  I rode home and thought that maybe I was simply done in – too much riding, too much running, and the couch was to be my future for several days (actually sounds kind of nice).  So I took the next day off, had some time to clean and prep my bike, and found that the tire pressure in both my tires was well below 60 psi.  Let me be a lesson to you… check your tire pressure!  Even if you think you have Gatorskin Hardshells and they feel firm – they aren’t, at least, not for about 2-3 weeks they aren’t!  (It’s hard to admit what an idiot I can be, but there you have it – maybe someone will learn from it).

COFFEE REVIEW:  Nautical Bean, Oceanside Harbor

Grade: Solid B

I have to say I was a little sticker shocked when I realized I was going to be paying $3.50 for a double shot espresso.  I was expecting maybe $2 or so, maybe $2.50, but that seemed steep and not what I remembered of the place.  What I had of my coffee before I spilled it all over myself was good, but not great (also what I remembered of the place).  I bought a couple of chocolate chip cookies to split with Jill, and that was pretty yummy.  They have lots of snack choices, but most are huge.

The seating area is great (shaded, right on harbor), and the bike parking is unparalleled.

We meet every week, same time, same place – 9am at the Ralph’s shopping center parking lot (near El Pollo Loco) off Avenida Encinas in Carlsbad.  We alternate north and south rides.  This Friday is south to Del Mar, with the coffee trip on the return at Cafe Ipe (really Coffee Coffee, but I refuse to call it that) in Leucadia.  A little delayed gratification on the coffee stop, but it will be worth it!  They serve Revolution Roasters, and it never disappoints.  They also have VGs donuts sometimes, and I really, really want one.

One response to “Friday Coffee Ride 11/6 – Nautical Bean in Oceanside

  1. Hehehe, soft tires still sounds much better than being sick to me. 😉

    I’ve done similar thing, too. Did ‘check the tires’ before heading off for a 75 miler (50 of which to be with the what was then the LUNA Chix ride from Bonita up Honey Springs Rd and back), but all I did was squeezing them to see if they were properly inflated. And so, I ended up riding 55 miles with a rubbing rear brake, didn’t make it up Honey Springs, and had to be pushed by one of the very generous LUNA Chixies up a little mole hill on Otay Lakes Rd on the way back. I thought I was having a horrendous ‘bad day’… couldn’t get going, bike weighed a ton and slowed down very quickly if I stopped pedaling even on downhills, and I kept smelling whiffed of burnt rubber. Kept looking down on the rear tire to see if it had gone flat, but didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.

    Then I stopped at my friend’s house in Rancho del Rey and finally had the wit to give each wheel a free spin only to find that my rear wheel wouldn’t go a single revolution on its own. 😛 One of the brake pad was on the rim and was looking quite a bit more worn than the other one. Good thing nobody took a picture of my face then. I felt like a million rupee…

    So if you’ve noticed me squeezing and spinning both wheels at rest stops through out the rides, now you know why. 🙂

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